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Any problems using flash memory when programming mass-production?

Latest Updated:06/10/2011


I am programming the flash memory in the writing flash memory mode (flash memory data write only mode). Are there any problems with using this method when programming for mass-production?


The writing flash memory mode (flash memory data write only mode) was designed under the assumption that after the development was completed, the “simple programming” method would be applied; therefore it only programs after the entire block is erased. In addition, several steps are required for programming.

We recommend using the Flash Development Toolkit with the E8a for mass-production programming.

The programmed results are the same whether programming with the Writing Flash Memory Development Toolkit or programming in writing flash memory mode (flash memory data write only mode). However, the Flash Memory Development Toolkit comes with general programmer functions, such as specified block-only erase, independent verify command, etc. It also features programming for the mass-production process with a single button.

The Flash Development Toolkit comes in a free evaluation version and a product version. When programming for mass-production, make sure you purchase the product version to take advantage of Renesas technical support.

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