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Inline assembly function and error messages E0551219 and E0550249 (CC-RL)

Last Updated:05/10/2017


I am using the CC-RL compiler for RL78 devices. When I access an SFR from an inline assembly function, I get the error message E0551219 or E0550249. How do I resolve this?

E0551219: Illegal label reference.
E0550249: Illegal syntax.


The code covered by #pragma inline_asm in the C source code is subject to processing by the compiler’s pre-processor.

To access an SFR from code covered by #pragma inline_asm, define the #pragma inline_asm function before including iodefine.h.

[ Example ]

#pragma inline_asm asmfunc_01
void asmfunc_01(void)
    CLR1 IF0H.7
#include ""iodefine.h"

Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 Family