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What to know about MCU's current consumption using LCD drive circuit?

Latest Updated:08/05/2009


(LCD, Power Save)
I would like to know about the MCU's current consumption when using LCD drive control circuit. [2009/08/05]


  1. For the power supply current ICC of the MCU itself:
    The current consumption depends on the supply voltage, oscillation frequency, operating mode (clock frequency dividing ratio), frame frequency, and the number of SEG/COM.
    The higher frame frequency or the more SEG/COM there are, the higher current consumption becomes.
  2. For the current consumption of the LCD panel:
    It depends on the load of the LCD panel.
    When using the voltage multiplier circuit, there is current consumption from the external capacitor and the reference voltage input VL1 pin.
    When the voltage multiplier circuit is not used, there is current consumption from the external divider resistor connected to the LCD power input pins.


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