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Can you explain more about the LCD?

Latest Updated:08/05/2009


1.   Are there any precautions about using the 8COM LCD panel? And does the program need to be changed?
2.   When using the voltage multiplier circuit, how much external capacitance is recommended between the C1 and C2 pins, VL2, VL3, and GND? [2009/08/05]


  1. The load capacity of 8COM LCD panel increases with more display pixels, so the LCD display quality might be worse. Especially, when using the voltage multiplier circuit, the MCU may occasionally exceed its driver capability (contrast deteriorates due to voltage dropping), so it becomes necessary to adjust external capacity and frame frequency for the LCD panel. It's better to use an external divider resistor in this case.
  2. There is no recommended value for these multiplier capacitors.
    In general, 0.1 μF is OK for the 4COM panel, but for the 8COM panel, the user should adjust capacitors and frame frequency according to the LCD panel.



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