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Shortage of SCL Clocks to Re-Start Communication After Transmission Interruption

Last Updated:07/04/2018


After transmission interruption by the simple I2C mode of serial communication interface (SCI) , there is not enough SCL clocks left to re-start communication.
What is wrong?


If the stop condition is generated while data still exists in the transmit data register (TDR), the data before the interruption will be outputted when re-starting communication. It is necessary to clear the data in TDR in order to re-start normal communication.

Please reset the setting mode in the following procedure after communication interruption. 
①Prohibit serial transmission/reception(SCR.TE = SCR.RE = 0).
②Clear the bus release and condition request (SIMR3 = F0h).
③If reception data exists in RDR register (SSR.RDRF = 1), read receive data register(RDR).
④Enable serial transmission/reception(SCR.TE = SCR.RE = 1).

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